Tuesday, April 26, 2011

At the very outset I would like to state that this post is not about the movie that released recently. It is about something that was dealt with to some extent in the movie, and about which I had read and written something a long time ago. For all those who are still confused about what this post is all about, let me tell you that it's about 'marks' in examinations and their relation to 'success'.
Is getting high marks in an examination the only determinant of being successful in one's life? This is the question, which I would be trying to answer through this post.

Let me start by giving an example from the movie Faltu. In the movie, students who were initially not given admission in any college because of their poor marks were given a standing ovation for the performance they had put up in the competition in the end. What does this show? That good marks are the only determinant of success? The answer is clearly NO. Now, let me give you a few examples from an article that I had read a long time ago - Sachin Tendulkar, AR Rahman, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Bill Gates, Dhirubhai Ambani. These are some examples that clearly show that even if a person is an average student, that doesn't stop him from working hard and being successful at what he does.
Through this post I am not encouraging students to leave studies altogether, or discouraging those who study very hard to get 90% and above in examinations. What I am trying to say is just that if a student gets 60% marks instead of 90%, that is not the end of the road for him. Even students with 60% marks can outshine those with 90% sometime in life, if not in school or college. I agree that marks play a significant role in a student's life, but they are not the only thing that a student should be bothered about. Had Sachin Tendulkar been told to leave cricket and study instead, would the world of cricket have an icon like him?
I have seen parents pressurising their children to get good marks and get admissions in top colleges. I have also seen parents beating up their children if they get a percent lower than the one demanded by them. This is indeed a sorry state that we are witnessing. I am not saying to spare the rod and spoil the child. But, an excessive use of the rod may also lead to the child getting spoilt in some way or the other. I am only trying to say that even if a student gets decent marks instead of 90%, he shouldn't be looked down upon. May be he could be the next Sachin Tendulkar or Thomas Edison or Bill Gates or anybody.
There would be many people who would agree with me, and then there will be many who won't. Therefore, I would like to end this post here because I know that this is one subject that can lead to an endless debate. My only request to the readers of this post is to sit back and think about what I have written here, and ask themselves whether this is true or not?


  1. binita said...:

    yes i agree with your point of view.. but if there is bad face then there is good face too... parents are encouraging their children in their respective interested field.. i just know one thing that a coin has both face head n tail..

  1. JIM said...:

    I agree school si very important but your usually young some mature later and marks inane examination when your young may mean nothing if you keep working at it.


  1. upasana said...:

    yup.. i also agree with you. thank god my parents never forced me or my brother for anything. we always chose the stream which we wanted to choose. but just its opposite thing i have seen in my uncles.
    this is all because of the education system prevailing in india. now its has much improved. earlier marks were the only criteria for admission in any college. and in order to secure their childer's future they always pressurized them. but i hope it will decrease as the gradind system has been put up now.:)

    nice article. it raises on of the important issue :)

  1. Motifs said...:

    Now we have a society where most of the parents are educated,and normally understand what their children want.

  1. Ankita said...:

    Yes indeed! Personality, interests, and feelings matter. Parents certainly should not force their children into academics justifying the society they live in.
    A thoughtful post! :-)

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